What Is DMS's Data Management Software?

DMS is data management software you install on your phone or computer that allows you to take complete control of your data, and protect yourself from data loss via accident, theft, or malicious threats such as big tech, rogue applications, and ransomware.

DMS is Available configured on a custom device but you can also installed it by yourself on compatible device.

Once installed, DMS makes a backup of your device data, and uploads it to your secure online portal which only you can access. From there you can then view data such as contacts, photos, and text messages - all from the convenience of your armchair.

The backup updates anytime a change occurs on your device, so you never have to worry about important moments being lost. You can even download your backup directly to your Windows or Mac computer with our unique download tool if you don't want to keep it online.

Plus, DMS's powerful alert system means you'll instantly know anytime something unusual is happening on the device — such as an unknown application being installed, or your device.

Android Monitoring Software
Android Monitoring Software

Why Do I Need DMS?

Data loss can occur at any time, in a variety of ways. Traditionally, you might lose your device, someone could steal it, or your hard drive might simply give out.

But today there are more risks. For example, you could become victim to a ransomware attack.

In these attacks, if your device is infected with the Ransomware software, your data will be encrypted and you will lose access to your files. Important photos, Texts, Contacts, never to be seen again — unless you send thousands of dollars to the hacker.

A more motivated attacker may even choose to siphon your data to the cloud and sell it to the highest bidder. Your financial statements, social security numbers, credit card details, private texts and photos would be in the hands of strangers on the opposite side of the world.

It's easy to see why you need a way to maintain a secure copy of your device data. But why not use the native backup solution that comes with most phones and computers like Google Photos, Facebook, or iCloud? Just ask yourself — do you really trust BigTech to respect for your right to privacy?

DMS solves this problem by making you in charge of your data. You decide what data you want backed up, and whether you want it sent to the cloud, or kept offline. With DMS, your data safety is on your terms.

Finally, DMS also comes with a powerful alerts system to let you know about any suspicious activity on the device. You'll know if an unrecognized app is installed on the device. Or if your device is using an unusual amount of bandwidth, indicating it might be compromised.

You'll also be able to view a complete history of the file activity on your device. This includes when Files are renamed, deleted, copied, or uploaded to the cloud — and at what time and date.

Android Monitoring Software

Your Data on Your Terms

Here are Some Of The Things You Can Do With DMS

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  • With DMS, I was able to discover that my child was accessing my computer while I was away from my home office

    - Mark -

  • I feel at ease knowing that I have a backup of my data only I can access, not Google or Facebook

    - Carol -

  • The network monitor feature led to me to find out that my data was being automatically backed up to iCloud, which i did NOT want

    - Farah -

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